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Meet Allan

Allan Ting is an industry-leading Corporate Wellness Advisor, a TEDx Speaker, and a #1 Int'l Bestselling Author.  He has spoken at TEDx, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Cisco, HP, UC Davis Medical Center and many other corporations on the topics of leadership and mindfulness.

Allan has shared his inspirational messages on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CW News across America. 
He is also a Tony Robbins’ Senior Leader.

Allan has spent years learning the techniques that can transform your life.  He has spent years experimenting and researching different methods for personal wellness.  His own journey included dealing with stress and burnout and working to lose weight he had put on trying to cope with simple everyday living.  Now, he has decided to share everything he has learned along his journey to help teach the world what it means to be energized and love life. 

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The Instant Energy Method

3 Secret Hacks to Boost Your Focus, Productivity, and Influence at Work

"If you're suffering from adrenal burnout, can't sleep at night, or are overwhelmed with stress, then you will find long-lasting relief by implementing Allan's simple but powerful energy exercises. Practicing his exercises consistently will up level your health to ultimate wellness for life!"

Dr. Susanne Bennett, Natural and Integrative Medicine Expert. Bestselling Author, The 7-Day Allergy Makeover


FREE Book: The Top Five Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Have More Focus at Work